Project manager

Our Project Managers are the key individuals who keep it all together. They understand not only the business and customer needs, but also the technical side, and are able to communicate efficiently with technical specialists. In our ongoing project situations, needs and scopes are constantly changing, so being able to adapt and open to adjust directions along the way is essential. An IT background is not necessary, but a strong interest towards IT is important.


At Tieto, you get to work in diverse projects,  ranging from various client projects to internal initiatives and to one-off external projects. There are innumerable opportunities available for dynamic, self-driven Project Managers who can easily grasp the big picture and lead change. An important part of the job, and key for success, is the the ability to connect and lead people, inspire and motivate them towards a common goal.

The best thing about working at Tieto is obviously my wonderful colleagues. But if I look further, it would be the fact that as a Project Manager you get to see a lot of different industries, customers, and issues. Also, since you are working with projects, you are always widening your network. It’s always energizing when things are changing and you get to go to something new! Anna-Karin Hillbom, Project Manager