Business consultant

Our Business Consultants are first and foremost responsible for creating new revenue streams. They understand their clients’ strategies and industry and give advice on business objectives, seamlessly linking the business and IT layers of organizations.


Business Consultants are considered the spearheads of our organisation. Their primary focus is to advise clients based on two main parameters: thorough market understanding and a knowledge of the client’s business and desired position. This cannot be achieved without constant dialogue between the two parties, with focus on mutual growth opportunities.

As a  Business Consultant at Tieto we expect you to feel at home in social situations, have great communications skills, and are very self-driven.  We offer exceptional possibilities to work at the center of digitalization, creating new business by linking business and IT in innovative ways. Have the drive and innovativeness  to create something new? Well then we  might be able to offer you the most exciting next step in your career!

It is always nice to work in a company where, if you show that you have the drive to make it, you will be given the opportunity to do so. I think this is the main reason I have stayed at Tieto; throughout my years I have worked in many different areas ranging from research and development to advisory. We don’t look at your grades, we look at your personality: your spark and your drive to become more and do something that is bigger than yourself is much more important.  – Hani Movahed, Business Consultant at Tieto.