As an IT architect at Tieto you hold an important role, navigating the field between business and technology: with the customers and their business needs on one side, and Tieto’s technical teams on the other. We expect that you are a team player as well as feel comfortable working as a change agent. In some situations you work independently, driving a certain agenda, while in other situations you rely on your colleagues’ and co-partners’ knowledge to get things moving forward.


As you may know, for an Architect, communication is key. Architects need to be able to converse with clients, read between the lines, and understand the customers’ true needs and challenges. Moreover, they should be able to communicate those messages to different technical teams and work towards coming up with innovative solutions together.

Our Architects tend to work on several customer cases at the same time. Cases are often at different stages: one customer might have accepted a proposal and the next step is to deliver the solution while another might still be in the offer stage and you will be providing all necessary information still needed to make the decision. Architects also play an important role in sales by grabbing opportunities as they arise during discussions with the customer and driving leads forward with the sales team.

I enjoy being involved in every step of the process from the first interaction with the customer to actually seeing them use the service that we have proposed, calculated, and delivered. Being a part of the whole chain makes the job really fun! – Fredrik Lundell, Architect at Tieto