Way of Working

Tieto Way of Working connects our strategy, purpose and belief in creating an exceptional experience for our employees, customers, and partners. Our aim is to give our employees the chance to reinvent their own work and design their day in a way that suits them the best. To give freedom to work in a way that is not connected to time or place.


A whole new employee experience is made possible by the latest technological innovations that help keep our people and ecosystem interconnected, all the time and wherever you are. We believe that agility and flexibility foster innovation and want to empower our our employees, customers and partners collaborate and co-create outside traditional practices.


Intelligent building 
We strive for human-centric office design, our headquarters in Keilalahti, Espoo, representing our current flagship of this approach. We want to create spaces where ideas and emotions flourish, and offer a large variety of different types of spaces to choose from. Our people really like it, and not least because they have also co-designed it.

At our headquarters we are flagshipping also our own Intelligent Building solution also to inspire collaboration and
co-creation in an unprecedented way. The solution serves us our daily and easily approachable guide to find free working spaces and colleagues.. We embrace transparency and openness and our office warmly welcomes you to work with us.

Welcome to Tieto.



Sophia Boleckis
Head of Employee Engagement