Open Source Culture

Our Open Source Culture defines the behaviours we value in ourselves and each other. It is based on 4 principles: Open doors, Open ears, Open actions, and Open minds.



These principles are integrated into everything we do and say as well as our actions. They are also part of our  performance management process.

This is the aspiration of our Open Source Culture:

At Tieto, we have a good reason to wake up and come to work each day: we are committed to developing enterprises and society through information technology. It's a huge task. Luckily, we have talent. Lots of it.
There can be no creativity without freedom and trust. We trust in the knowledge of our people instead of telling them how we should think, act, or look like. We believe in exchanging ideas, dreaming out loud, and simply having passion for our customers’ success. We gain results by being the first ones to cross the finish line – and the last ones to give up. Every victory for our customer is a victory for all of us.

This is the Tieto we want to be. Transparent. Open-minded. A community of brave minds. A garden of ideas. That's why Tieto keeps on getting better.