More than just base pay

At Tieto compensation is much more than just the base pay or monetary compensation, it is Total Rewards. We see Total Rewards as a big contributor to the employee satisfaction and engagement which are directly linked to business results and performance.

Total Rewards

Our Total Rewards consist of several components: Base Pay, Benefits, Incentives, Work-Life Balance, Recognition, Development and Career Opportunities.

Base pay levels are reviewed regularly and benchmarked against market. This is to ensure relevant and fair compensation for each employee based on their position, performance and talent. We treat employees equally and fairly even if this does not mean equal increases to everyone - high performers do receive higher increases. Other monetary compensation components include incentives and different bonuses and lump sum payments. Benefits vary from country to another and they range from health care to exercise tickets, from insurance discounts to newspaper orders, from movie tickets to many others.

Recognition comes in various shapes and forms and everyone can recognize colleagues for the job well done. We encourage employees to give regular feedback to each other. This fosters engaging and encouraging culture and resonates with our values to work together and care for our people.

Work-Life Balance 

Work-Life Balance is an important piece of everyone’s wellbeing. Flexible work arrangements such as flexible working hours and working time bank help employees balance and pace the work load and keep personal and work life at balance. This combined with Development and Career Opportunities ensures that everyone can impact their own career, can influence on the work environment and be passionate about the work they do.

We encourage employees to regularly have open discussion with their supervisor about their career goals and interests to be able to advance and grow. We encourage career development, enable employees to maximize their development and potential within Tieto and support people managers to lead the successful professional development of subordinates in all phases of employment life cycle.

In a nutshell, Total Rewards is a holistic view to retain and motivate our employees, help them to achieve big dreams and keep their competences relevant at all times.