Board and packaging market on the brink of change – are you adapting?

The board and packaging industry is poised on the brink of change. While cost is the predominant factor in the market today, sustainability concerns and food packaging safety will overtake it within the next 10 years in both Europe and North America.

Recycling, as part of sustainability, will figure dominantly. This, combined with the “right-sizing” of packages will change the market landscape very shortly. Add to this the importance of packaging in creating a brand image, particularly in retail, you can see a clear call for innovation and collaboration throughout the value chain.

At the same time, a shift from materials that are difficult to recycle towards more environmentally friendly materials is occurring as a result of the sustainability issue.

On the other hand, some packaging materials are sold in a buyer’s market, creating significant cost pressures. Specialized packaging, like that for mobile phones, demands short manufacturing runs, which calls for efficient demand planning.

Manufacturers, therefore, must cope with two issues simultaneously: forecasting demand to avoid surplus, and running their operation more efficiently. The only way to achieve both goals is extensive use of data analysis and connecting the results to manufacturing planning and supply chain management.

Tieto’s solution portfolio allows you to make the move from sales budgeting to market forecasting. Advanced, cloud-based tools make the migration painless while providing highly automated, high-performance operation at a low initial cost and freeing your tied-up working capital through pay-as-you-use billing models.



Arto Huuhilo
Manager of Competence Area TIPS EA & Design
Antti Blomqvist
Principal Business Consultant