We care about sustainability

We at Tieto are convinced that our long-term success as a company requires a business model that takes into account all aspects of corporate responsibility, covering suppliers, own operations as well as services. Therefore, sustainability is a natural part of our daily business operations and integrated into our whole value chain.

We aim to use our corporate citizenship to develop society and enterprises as well as the environment. Our biggest opportunities in sustainability lie in exploring the potential in innovative and sustainable IT solutions and services for our customers. We strongly believe that IT can contribute to sustainable development. All of our employees are expected to proactively embrace the business opportunities that innovative and sustainable IT solutions can bring to our customers. 

We continuously strive to improve the sustainability of our operations, for instance by caring about our carbon footprint.  One example is our new-generation data centre in Espoo, Finland, which has been ranked as one of the most energy efficient data centres in the world. It re-uses excess heat from servers and distribute it to private homes through the local district heating network - an excellent example of actively reducing CO2 emissions. 

We are a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact principles for human rights, labor rights, environmental care and anti-corruption, which clearly demonstrates our values.

Get inspired of how we support sustainable development.

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Christer Mattsson
Head of Quality & Corporate Responsibility
+46 10 481 5279