Tieto Cloud Server - the fastest ever server is also the easiest

Tieto Cloud Server simply brings you the best features of the public and private cloud. With unbeatable simplicity and speed, with security and care features and with smooth integration to your existing networks.



The easy-to-use self-service ordering portal is the key to the fast delivery. Existing Tieto customers can activate a server in just 3 minutes. Tieto Cloud Server makes application deployment faster than ever.


Most customers appreciate having their data stored close to their operations and available everywhere. All data is stored in Tieto’s secure and energy efficient data centres in Finland and you can enjoy secured console access from anywhere.


In today´s business critical environments it is not enough to just have a standalone combination of hardware, software and networks. Tieto Cloud Server always comes with a care package of your choice. It´s good to know that there is a professional who looks after your service. Just in case something needs urgent action.


Complicated and costly capacity service management is history – Tieto Cloud Server saves you time and money and helps you to get rid of hidden server admin costs. Self-service portal helps you to see the prices and order status online. Having a clear picture of your real server costs has never been this self-evident and easy to report.


Tieto Cloud Server offers all the virtualization benefits to the full. It takes away the time consuming pain of managing capacity services from different sources – with different management systems. Now you can manage your daily needs and your full service base with ease – with a single view. We have also solved the problem of non-existing integration – with Tieto Cloud Server you can link easily to the existing networks.

Benefits: fastest delivery, simplest order process, easiest management, smoothest integration, advanced security

Do you want to be among the first to experience Tieto Cloud Server - the fastest ever.

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