Tieto Cloud Server: be faster, safer and still cut costs

Tieto Cloud Server simply brings you the best features of the public and private cloud. With unbeatable simplicity and speed, with security and care features and with smooth integration to your existing networks.

Managing cloud capacity can be a complex business. Questions over security, cost, compliance and ease of use can make it hard to know if a capacity service will meet your business' needs, now and in the future.

That's why we developed Tieto Cloud Server, which in 2012 introduced a new way of thinking about capacity services. Today, organisations across the Nordic region are taking advantage of Tieto Cloud Server's unprecedented speed and simplicity.

Tieto Cloud Server is a fast, accurate and flexible capacity service built from the ground up to make enterprise cloud simple. A private cloud bringing certifiably secure capacity into your own network.  In a way, Tieto Cloud Server combines the best features of public and private clouds to provide a secure, integrated solution that's tailored to your business, and that's simple enough for anyone to use - not just the IT department.

How Tieto Cloud Server works

Key to Tieto Cloud Server's speed and ease of use is its automated self-service portal. Once you're signed up, you can create a new server with a few clicks and it'll be live in a matter of minutes. Decommissioning capacity is just as simple, making Tieto Cloud Server totally scalable - you can be sure you always have the right amount of capacity, at the right time, in the right place.

You'll also never struggle to manage capacity from multiple sources, as the portal provides total visibility of your servers and their running costs - you're always in control of what you use and what you pay.

Why choose Tieto Cloud Server?

So, why should your business choose Tieto Cloud Server over another infrastructure-as-a-service offering?

  • Speed - order or decommission a server in a matter of minutes. Tieto Cloud Server can rapidly scale during spikes in network activity, provide temporary testing environments, or simply grow with your business.

  • Security - store data in a secure data centre close to your operations, or even on-site. Tieto provides capacity that complies with the rules and regulations unique to your industry.

  • Care - Tieto Cloud Server always comes with the care package of your choice, so there's someone to look after your service at all times.

  • Simplicity - manage your daily capacity needs and your full service base with a single view and stay in control of your spending with the easy self-service portal. Anyone can use Tieto Cloud Server, not just the IT department.

  • Integration - Tieto Cloud Server comes integrated into your existing networks.

  • Cost savings - pay only for the capacity you need. Reduce costs through a minimum commitment of only one day. Save an average of 40 percent on yearly license fees.

Available in Finland, Sweden and around the world

Tieto Cloud Server is delivered from Tieto´s secure, energy-efficient data centres in Finland and Sweden, or from our two new data centres in Atlanta and Singapore. Wherever in the world your business is based, our fastest-ever capacity service allows you to keep your data close at hand.

Also available is Tieto Cloud Server On-site, which replicates the same speed and simplicity as an on-premise solution for maximum control and security.

Interested in finding out more? Contact us for a personal demo session.