Product development services overview

At Product Development Services our passion is to help our customers make better products.

We are specialists in product development for communications and embedded technologies - and we strive to do this better than anyone else in the world.

Our main customer segments are

Our differentiation comes from being a front-runner at the intersection of technical expertise and product development process excellence. We offer a range of services from technical consultancy to running projects and to product development partnership, taking full responsibility for certain parts of the customer’s portfolio and/or product development processes.

Our strategy is to focus on

  1. Competent and motivated people: operating globally with an efficient multi-site setup and world-class management.
  2. Telecom and mobile sector knowledge: an in-depth understanding of our customers’ business logic.
  3. Communications and embedded technologies: profound technical expertise in communications and embedded technologies.
  4. World-class product development processes, tools and go-to-market models that are continuously adapted to market demands and industry trends.
  5. Repeatable service offerings: a portfolio of repeatable services that consistently add value to our customers.


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