Investor materials

This is our material bank for investor relations specific materials such as interim and annual reports, webcasts and audiocasts.

The latest material is listed here in chronological order. If you want to filter the list further based on material type and/or time, go here.



Tieto Q3 Interim Report (pdf) Interim report 23.10.2014
Tiedon Q3 Osavuosikatsaus (pdf) Interim report 23.10.2014
Tieto Presentation Q3 2014 (pdf) Presentation 23.10.2014
Tieto Interim Report Q2 2014 (pdf) Interim report 18.07.2014
Tieto Osavuosikatsaus Q2 2014 (pdf) Interim report 18.07.2014
Tieto Presentation Q2 2014 (pdf) Presentation 18.07.2014
Investor presentation 2014 (pdf) Presentation 13.06.2014
CMD 2014 presentations (pdf) Presentation 27.05.2014
CMD-presentaatiot 2014 (pdf) Presentation 27.05.2014
Tieto Interim Report Q1 2014.pdf Interim report 25.04.2014


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