Expertise and drive unite Jolla and Tieto

An independent mobile device vendor and the creator of the Sailfish operating system, Jolla set itself the challenge of releasing an innovative new smartphone in six months. To make this happen, finding the right partner was vital.
Timo Helander Jolla Customer Executive in Tieto (left), Marc Dillon, Co-founder and Head of Software at Jolla and Thomas Rücker, Open Source Evangelist in Tieto

Timo Helander Jolla Customer Executive in Tieto (left), Marc Dillon, Co-founder and Head of Software at Jolla and Thomas Rücker, Open Source Evangelist in Tieto

“For a small company like us, it’s absolutely critical we have the very best talent in the world and people who are also passionate about what they are doing,” says Marc Dillon, Co-founder and Head of Software at Jolla.

“Globally, a very small number of people have the expertise in creating software and doing integration and productization for smartphones. Tieto has much of this talent available.”

“Partnering with Tieto brought people who could come in, look at our needs, and be able to contribute directly without having to go through a long specification process. This enabled us to work with a high level of trust – we trusted that when Tieto came into our project, they knew exactly what was needed in order to create a great smartphone and a great smartphone platform,” Dillon recalls. 

With Tieto’s help, Jolla successfully released their smartphone on time and with the expected quality. But the collaboration didn’t end there. Tieto continues to work with Jolla, helping them expand the Sailfish OS ecosystem to other partners. Dillon explains that this allows Jolla to focus on developing the Sailfish OS platform and own devices.

Sailfish for everyone

Marc Dillon, Jolla

Marc Dillon, Jolla

“For Jolla, one of the keys to scalability is working with companies like Tieto to take our platform and help it scale into other manufacturers and other sectors,” says Dillon. “Tieto can also help enable other products to operate on the Sailfish OS platform.”

When other device vendors want to create a device that uses Sailfish OS, Tieto can provide them with services to help them adapt the platform to their device and optimize its performance,” as Hannu Arvelo, Tieto’s Head of Business Development, Mobile Devices and Consumer Electronics, explains.

“We can help them to integrate their services more closely to the device user interface and provide additional development and differentiation features. We also deliver quality assurance services for the platform,” Arvelo says.

Tieto offers these services through its Product Development Services business. Employing 4,000 people, its specialists help customers in the global device, telecom, and semiconductor sectors develop their products with services ranging from technical consultancy to taking full responsibility for parts of their product development processes

A highly developed and independent platform

But why should an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) consider using Sailfish OS as the platform for its next device?

“By working with many mobile device and consumer electronics companies around the world we know that many of them are considering another operating system in addition to Android. Sailfish is a very good alternative as it’s a market-ready, high-performance operating system that enables better differentiation and integration of your own services. As Jolla is independent and neutral, there are no conflicts of interest or restrictions on what kind of services you can run on Sailfish OS devices,” explains Arvelo.

“Secondly, Sailfish OS is a mature open source platform and a lot of investment has been put into it. Jolla developed Sailfish OS based on the MeeGo platform that Nokia and Intel worked on for years. The openness also mean that partners can have good visibility and influence on Sailfish OS’s features and roadmap.”

“Finally, Sailfish OS is compatible with Android and can run Android applications, so even if you have a new phone you can still have the applications that are available for Android,” Arvelo concludes. 

Part of Jolla’s story

Marc Dillon says he expects to see even more from Jolla’s collaboration with Tieto than enabling other device vendors to utilize Sailfish OS.

“Tieto helps us to increase our reach and our capabilities as we work with our community to keep adding features that are important to them,” Dillon says, and continues:

“There are future devices that are cooking on our device roadmap and I believe that Tieto will also be a part of this story”.



Hannu Arvelo